Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Of: Best Boobs in a Horror Movie Presents: Best Boobs in a Horror Movie!

There's two things I love in my horror movies: tits and blood.  That's why I love the slasher movies from the '80's, even though they might be considered mundane or a dime a dozen. 

Screw that!

From Sorority House Massacre to Sleepaway Camp II, the best part is watching the topless girls get cut!

Why do you think Elvira - my boobspiration - was so popular?

So the first Best Of for Whorticulture has to be Best Boobs!

This honor goes to Jill Terashita from Night of the Demons (1988).  She faced some serious compeTITion (excuse my horrible pun there, people), but these boobs stand the test of time.  I saw these for the first time when I was around 11, and I've never seen horror movie boobs that compare!

The big 80's hair, the sex in the coffin; "Frannie" knows how to please!

Congratulations Ms. Terashita.  Your boobs will live on forever in my heart.  I'll be first in line to see the remake later in October; they have quite a bit to live up to!

Okay, so who do you think has the best boobs in a horror movie?

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  1. All I can say to this is 'wow'. She has really pretty boobs. I'm no expert on it, all I know is that if mine looked like that I would be one happy chick. Even if it meant I had to die in the end, and wear an 80s perm. Enough said.

  2. That's one fabulous rack! I am going to have to ponder some of the other top contenders. Right now I can't get Kate Winslet's out of my mind from some movie I saw the other night. They were pretty darn nice.

  3. Bet boobs in a horror movie? Besides this chick's nice rack ive gotta say Chelan Simmons in Final Destination 3. ( . Y. )

  4. Definitely the girl from the most recent Friday the 13th movie. Ruined by an awesome but incredibly lame line by the dude afterwords.

    Anyway, she does have a great rack